Specializing in Combat and Sexual Trauma ♦ Anxiety ♦ Mood Disorders ♦ Addictions ♦Codependency ♦Individuals ♦ Couples ♦ Families ♦ Groups

Psychotherapy with Hope is focused on providing high-quality, individualized, evidenced-based therapy to those facing challenges in their life.  Whether you’ve lost hope, or know that things can be better, but don’t know how to go about making it better, we commit to working as hard as you to help you meet your goals and fulfill your vision.

So many of us live our lives, every single day — believing lies….and we don’t even realize it!  Whether they were ingrained in us as children or we grew to believe them as adults, our thoughts have power over our emotions, our attitudes, and ultimately our choices and behavior. These “beliefs” somehow became our “truths”…. but, are they really true!?

Do you ask yourself, “Why do I keep making the same mistake?”, or “Is this as good as it gets?” Many precious people don’t know “who” they really are and ask themselves, “Who am I?”

If you do, you are like many others who deep down know that life should and/or could be better than what it is, but don’t know how to go about making it better. We can help you on your journey if you are motivated, or even remotely motivated for change.

Our belief, which directly influences how we conduct psychotherapy, is that every person has a God-given purpose. Most of us don’t understand who we are or what we were created to accomplish. Sometimes, it takes the courage and vulnerability of seeking professional therapy to get the answers you are seeking deep inside.

Our hope is that as you endeavor to create change in your life, whether letting go of “old” ways of thinking, or pursuing your God-given purpose, that we might have the opportunity to travel this path along side of you. True change in thoughts, feelings, and behavior do not happen by accident. It takes thoughtful and intentional effort. You’re not alone — even if you feel like you are.

Our values, are that you can expect us to interact with you with integrity, that we expect you to heal as you delve into your inner wounds, we strive to instill hope even when you feel hopeless, we are non-judgmental as we understand that we are all perfectly-imperfect, and we are competent – we continue to grow by learning new clinical techniques and research.

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